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Welcome to our Texas Mountain Laurel site. We are located in the Texas Hill Country and have reliably provided TML seeds for years to customers all over the world.

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This one-of-a-kind Texas Native tree is a beautiful evergreen tree to 25 feet with lustrous green pinnate leaves and fragrant wisteria-like springtime flowers (hardy to zone 7). Lavender blooms have an unmistakable aroma of sweet grapes.

It is tough, extremely drought tolerant, disease free, and has outstanding ornamental qualities. Studies show that it requires less than ½ the amount of water than a Crepe Myrtle tree requires, making it an ideal xeriscape plant.

The seeds from TML trees were reportedly of great value to native American Indians in Texas. They were worn as ornamental jewelry, and reportedly a strand of TML seeds could be traded for a horse.

Pictured here is a beautiful wild specimen growing in the Texas Hill Country.

Texas Mountain Laurel tree in Texas Hill Country
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